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About Us

Ja-Max Industries is a family owned and operated business with a long history of serving the local community. Jason started the business after spending 10 years working throughout the Blackwater community.

After his long tenure as a valuable employee, Jason felt he could serve his community much better by starting his own company. With his extensive vehicle knowledge, Jason continues to serve the people of Blackwater and surrounding areas with quality and dependable service.

What sets Ja-Max Industries apart is their dedication to the craft. Our mechanics work diligently to make sure each vehicle is repaired the right way every time, no matter how much work needs to go into it.

Every mechanic is willing to put in the long hours, day in and day out, for the satisfaction of our valued customers.

Community Support

What started out as a business to fix vehicles has grown into something much more. The community support and feedback for Ja-Max Industries has been overwhelming to Jason and his staff and it has made us even more committed to providing everyone with exceptional service.

We strive to be a “go to” location for vehicle repairs of all types in the Blackwater area.


Wealth Of Knowledge

From Jason to our newest mechanic, everyone has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to vehicle repairs.

We are constantly finding new ways to be able to better service your vehicles, whether it’s for simple maintenance or carrying out extensive repairs. When it comes to vehicle knowledge, we have the experience and expertise to work with any make and model.

If you have any questions or concerns, we are more than happy to provide you with any information you need to help you feel safer on the road.

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A Growing Business

We have achieved so much since our inception and we are continuing to provide more to the community as we go.

We now offer convenient Payright services for people who need to get repairs fast but simply cannot afford the full payment up front. Payright is a zero interest payment plan for purchases up to $4000. Please contact the team for more information.

We also offer giveaways and timed discounts to various groups and we give recommendations to our fellow local businesses because we feel that we should all help each other grow and succeed in our community.

If your vehicle needs maintenance or repairs, don’t wait another day to get it checked out. Contact us so our team can advise you on the best course of action.